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Procedure for viewing Live video remotely.

With most versions of Internet Explorer there will be some security

issues to overcome. In steps 1 – 6 we will show you how to configure

your browser settings to allow the software and ActiveX controls to

be installed. 

1. Open Internet Explorer and click the tools button.



 2. Select the Internet Options button.



3. Click on the Security tab.



4. Select the Custom Level button.



 5. Using the scroll bar, scroll down until you see “ Download unsigned

ActiveX controls” and “Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe”.

Select Prompt for both and then click Ok.



 5. Select Yes to the Are you sure warning window.



 6. Select Ok.



7. Now, enter the IP or URL address into the address field in Internet

Explorer and press Enter.


 8. Select Mpeg4 Encoder Viewer and click Ok.



9. More than likely you will see a warning bar appear. It will read “This website

wants to install the following add-on. Click on the bar and select “Install ActiveX Control”.



10. Click Install.



11. You will see a little screen showing the progress of the download.



12. Select DSL/Cable/T-1, Multiview and 1024x768 then click Ok



13. Again, you may get a warning bar warning you that the program is trying to install

an add-on component. Just click on the bar and install the component.

14. After some time, the software will download, install and the display

a Log-on screen. Type in your username and password and then click the Ok button.


 15. You should now see the live cameras on your screen.



Procedure for viewing old video remotely.


1. Enter the IP or URL address into the address field in Internet Explorer

and press Enter.

 2. Select Remote Play Back.


 3. Select Viewlog and 1024x768 then click Ok.


 4. Click Next to install the Viewlog software.


 5. After some time the Viewlog screen will appear and a Connect to Remote Viewlog

Service screen will pop up. Enter the ip address into the IP Address field, username

and password. Select Save Password and Add current entry to address book. Then

click Connect.

 *Remember that next time you get to this screen, you have already saved the

information to the address book.


 6. You should now be able to view old video.