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Do I need a Static IP Address

Why do I care if my Internet is providing a "static" IP address or not?

A static public IP address always stays the same. This is very important if you intend to access a computer, or in this case a DVRX video security system, from another location.

Unless you have a T-1 connection, you more than likely have a dynamic IP address - one that changes every time you have a power outage or the Internet goes down.

In the last scenario, with most DVRs on the market today, you would not be able to look at your cameras from a remote location without finding out what your new IP address is. Static IP addresses can be purchased from your Internet provider (usually) from $5.00- $50.00 per month.

When you purchase a NovaStar or VideoStar DVRX system from 4MAX, all of the above becomes a moot point. All of our NovaStar and VidoStar systems come standard with a pre-configured DNS client application that constantly checks for IP address changes and updates your URL address in the background.

In other words, the URL you use to log into your NovaStar or VideoStar DVRX system will always be the same!