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Sub-Division Camera Systems

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Technology has come a long way from just a few years ago. High Definition (HD) cameras are popping up all over the world for specific applications that only an HD camera can deliver.

HD cameras come in a variety of flavors, from 1.3 MegaPixel (MP), all the way to 10 MP. They come in the same shapes and sizes as in the old analog cameras such as bullet, box, PTZ, dome and even hidden cameras.

The main difference is the resolution. The old cameras, at best, are 480 X 700 pixels. The lowest resolution that HD cameras come in, is 1024 X 720 or 1.3 MP.  A 1.3 MP camera will achieve the same picture quality as 4 of the best analog cameras.

A 2 MP camera is 1920 X 1080P, the same resolution as an 1080P high definition television and equivalent to 8 analog cameras.

A 10 MP camera is a whopping 3648 x 2752 which are equivalant to 32 analog cameras.

You can see why HD cameras are the obvious choice when trying to see numbers on a license plate 100 feet away.

Typical System 

NVR Install Pole Install

The entire Network Video System  will be self-contained in a weatherproof 36"  X  24 " X  12" steel lockbox, cemented in the ground behind the marquee wall. The lockbox is made from 16 gauge galvanized steel.

The box has a three point steel bar locking mechanism that locks at the top and bottom and is secured with a programmable padlock.

The NVR, monitor, battery back-up and power supply are located in weatherproof steel box.

A 3” X 21' square pole is buried near the roadway approximately 50’ from the stop sign.

The cameras are mounted on an existing pole and wired through underground conduit to the NVR.

One or two 5 MP cameras will capture license plate numbers.

Infrared illuminators are also installed to capture plate numbers at night.

A 1.3 MP camera captures a broad view of the exit for a general description of the vehicles entering and leaving.

The NVR will hold at least 30 days of video storage and includes a DVD-RW burner so video can be off-loaded for law enforcement. All video is watermarked and admissible in a court of law.

Power will run from the power meter box, already located at the entrance, to the NVR box through conduit.

An Internet connection is highly recommended, but not necessary for the system to operate. The ability to view live video and review old video from home is much better than standing out in the elements when video needs to be reviewed. DSL, cable Internet and Clear will all work with the system. Satellite connections do not work.

Check out some of the many situations where HD is the only way to go !

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