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Network HD Video Recorder (Tower)

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This Base System is Configurable! Below, you will find all the options you will need to design a Video Recording System that fits your need. Configure Now

This Base System Includes:
PC Tower
3- 10/100/1000 Mb Network connections
Keyboard and Mouse


The NovaStar line of DVRX units are top of the line commercial digital video/audio recording and archiving systems. Each DVRX unit can act as a standalone unit or may be linked to other servers to build a surveillance network providing video surveillance control across wide areas. Each unit is fully internet accessible with comprehensive security functionality which allows strict administrative control over user access levels.

Network HD Video Recorder (Tower)

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Regular Price: $2,300

Special Price: $2,000


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Feature Rich
Key Features
Security Controls
Console and Remote Monitoring
Motion Detection
Counters, Monitors, Tracking and LPR
Playback Functionality
Optional IR Remote
Networking Features
Dynamic IP Address and DNS Support
Support and Warranty



• System accepts Analog, IP and High Definition cameras. At the same time!
• Remote access to live video and recordings.
• Indexed search capabilities through recorded video provides hyper access to alarm and motion events.
• Remote Administrative capabilities and secure multi user access.
• Real time digital watermarking of all video. Confirms recordings have not been tampered with.
• Recording, playback and archiving simultaneously without performance degradation.
• Remote notification via email, or phone (Phone option requires optional Voice Modem).
• Built in Motion detection, object monitoring, subject tracking, pos and PTZ interfaces.
• Audio Recording.
• Built in Event Counters.
• Motion Masking and variable sensitivity.
• Smart Frame – Allows the system to automatically shift frame rate resource to cameras that that need it during motion detection etc.
• Video can be exported to several formats for playback on different types of devices (Default is MPEG4).
• Archiving Capability to internal DVD-ROM.
• Standalone units can be networked together to create a centrally managed surveillance network.
• Unlimited Video/Audio storage.
• Up to 30 FPS ( Frames Per Second ) recording on 32 cameras simultaneously per unit.
• Unattended and Missing Object Detection.
• Alarms on objects passing between predefined regions.
• Facilities Map ( Allows generation of a facilities Map showing the floor plan and cameras ).
• Automatic Backlight compensation, contrast and brightness controls.
• Automatic Video Exporting and Archiving.
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Standard Units: Standard block sizes of 4, 8, 16, 32 camera systems with recording rates of 1 to 960 FPS. Standard units provide 250 Gb of data storage allowing up to 30 days of audio/video recordings. Custom configurations also available.

IP and High Definition Camera Interface: Multiple network interfaces on the NVR or HVR with Camera Fail alarm notification.

Analog Camera Interface: Self terminating BNC type with Camera Fail alarm notification.

Platform: Windows Based PC, Intel platforms. I5Core and I7Core or higher processing speeds. Tower or Rack Mount Type Case.

Standard Systems include: Mouse, Keyboard, Ethernet Adapter, Storage: 250Gb ( Standard ). Optional configurations provide storage up to 12 Terabytes. More storage can be obtained with optional server cases. Extreme Speed Fiber Channel Drive Arrays available soon. DVD-R/W, Camera Interface, Audio Interface. Console Monitor not included. Back to index


POS and PTZ: The Built in POS software allows you to interface to Point of Sale devices and to display the transaction data as part of the recorded video ( real time ). The software is included but requires an optional POS interface module to provide connectivity to the external 3rd-party POS device. NovaStar units have built in PTZ interface controls which includes Manual control, Automatic Object Tracking and Automatic Dome Positioning on Alarm Events. PTZ control is available over remote connections as well as at the console.

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Security Controls:

• Multiple User access control.
• Each user may be assigned custom access settings or group level control. 1000 User Maximum.
• Complete control of which cameras may be seen by each user.
• Complete control of all server features including playback and administrative functionality.
• Logging of all events, logins, logouts, system alterations, reboot and startup. Notification of reboot events.
• Vital Sign Monitor.
• Email Notification of security and alarm types of events ( Also Optional Phone Call Notification available ).
• Console lockdown capability. Back to index


Console and Remote Monitoring:

Full screen Super VGA allows multiple programmable screen configurations.
Programmable popup notifications and screen sequencing from one screen to 16 and 32.
Zoom capability. PIP and PAP capability.
Optional TV adapter card allows Video reformatting for higher resolutions on all interfaces and for large console Television consoles.
Standard VGA Connection for Console Monitor and Standard AV type connections for connection to TV Monitors using the Optional TV Adapter Card. (Monitors Not included)
Most smartphones are supported with Internet Access.
Audio and Video Recording:
• Record rates, priorities and qualities are programmable per Camera.
• NovaStar Systems can record up to 32 separate dedicated audio tracks ( One per camera ). Audio pickup devices connect to the system using a standard microphone jack.
• Video and Audio recording can be triggered by Motion events, counter events, relay events and scheduled events. Recording may otherwise be enabled full time or disabled.
• Frame rates are programmable and frame rate resource may also be shared by enabling the smart frame feature on the standard systems.
• Smart frame allows the shifting of frame rate resource to cameras that are detecting some level of anomaly. This allows maximum record rate to be shifted to cameras that need it.
• The Admin software allows you to optionally specify what files to keep and for how long before deleting them.
• The NovaStar system can record 32 video channels at 30 FPS simultaneously including Audio on 32 separate channels.
• Analog Recorded at 240, 320, 640, and 720 lines of resolution.
• High Definition Recorded at 1.3Mp 1280(H)x1024 (V), 2Mp 600(H)x1200(V), 3Mp 2048(H)x1536(V ) 5Mp 2592(H)x1944(V) and10Mp 3648(H)x 2752(V) lines of resolution. Back to index


Motion Detection: Motion detection is applied at the software level thus allowing any type of camera to be motion detect capable. Special features allow masking of areas where motion should not trigger an event while motion in other areas of the same frame will trigger recording and an event log. Motion detect sensitivity is fully configurable as well. Special built in tools will also allow the fine tuning of motion and light fluctuations so that the administrator can identify areas where false alarms could be generated. Video buffering allows you to specify pre-record and post-record of motion events. This insures your event recordings will contain all of the activity your are expecting. Motion detection can trigger alarms and notification events. Motion detection can also trigger relays and external alarm systems if the optional relay/interface hardware is installed. Back to index

Counters, Monitors, Tracking and LPR: Counters are used to keep count of subjects entering and/or exiting a specified area. This is achieved through the software by applying an entry and exit grid to the specified screen (camera). This feature may be used real time as well as playback time.

Object Monitors are used to keep track of specific objects within the camera view. If the specified object is moved or a subject passes too close to that object, events and/or alarms can be triggered. This feature may be used real time as well as playback time.

Subject tracking is also part of the standard software. This feature requires two cameras. One fixed and one PTZ camera. The purpose of this feature is to have the PTZ track a subject automatically when manually triggered to do so or based on other events such as motion or relay activity.

Optional Digital License Plate Recognition Software/Hardware. Ideal for Boarder Control or Parking lot Security, LPR dynamically detects the presence of a vehicle and locates the license plate. Once acquired, it will zoom in, capture the data then stores it to a database for processing. Back to index

Scheduling: The NovaStar systems have built in scheduling software which will allow you to specify what cameras will record at what times and what type of recording is to be used. Such as exclusive recording or only on motion etc. Standard Day/Night and priority modes included. Back to index

Playback Functionality: Playback may be performed at the console as well as remotely. Playback of video/audio is as simple as selecting the file you want or you can employ a variety of built in search tools to quickly locate the exact event or alarm you are seeking. Playback may be performed locally as well as remotely to the video server using standard VCR type button controls. Console playback includes several playback modes such as single camera to simultaneous playback of all 32 camera recordings in a synchronized mode. This is useful when you have located an event on camera 4 for example and you then want to see what else was going on elsewhere during that same time period – or – when you want to follow a subject throughout a facility moving from camera location to camera location. Recordings may be exported in sequence to movie files or in their standard H.264 or MPEG4 format. Audio may also be exported as part of the movie files to be played back on a DVD player or PC. Back to index

Optional IR Remote: Used for operation of the server console. Performs all console functions such as screen configurations, screen zoom, playback, PTZ control and more without using the keyboard. Back to index

Networking Features: All NovaStar units are network capable and may be accessed via LAN/WAN and the Internet using standard Ethernet connectivity. Frame rates, resolutions and bandwidth are all configurable to optimize performance. 4MAX provides two types of remote interfaces. PC Client software which must be installed on the PC hard drive and Java Script interfaces which are used through your internet browser software. Any PC with an internet browser and connection to the world wide web can connect and monitor or perform administrative functions given the appropriate passwords etc. All functions that can be performed at the console may also be performed remotely.

All NovaStar video server systems have the capability of being linked to other NovaStar servers which allows large, wide spread installations to provide a central monitoring point for all facilities. Even if linked to other servers, each unit may still be managed individually and operated as a stand alone unit as well. These configurations are particularly useful in shopping malls or other similar types of facilities.

Network functionality also provides for remote ( off system ) storage of video and audio recordings. This is an additional security feature where storage of the video at the server location may not be advisable. Back to index

Dynamic IP Address and DNS Support: System comes with software that keeps track your current ip address on a database. This allows you to use one URL address to access your system eventhough the ip address has changed.Back to index

Support and Warranty: 4MAX provides a two-year warranty on system components. Subject to limitations. Please see detailed warranty letter included with the system for complete details. Other than warranty work, all support is performed remotely via dialup or internet connectivity via a secure login which is maintained by the customer. Back to index

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